Making Dreams Come True at B.P.M. Middle School

EmpowerKids partnered with B.P.M. Middle School, Burmamines, Jamshedpur to launch its School Adoption Program with a specific focus on students from grades 3 and 4. In February 2010, EmpowerKids visited the school and held an essay competition on the topic "What I Want To Be When I Grow Up" and an art competition on the topic "My Dream Home".

Chanchal Kumari, Gourav Ray, Bhiku Upadhyay, and Mamta Mukhi were the winners of the competitions. Bhiku's essay was about his dream to become the prime minister of India. Mamta wrote of her desire to become a scientist and to learn the mechanisms of what makes people walk, talk, and think. All the winners were honored in an awards ceremony with the school principal Mr. Kundan Singh and the School Secretary Mr. D.K Sinha in attendance. Take a look at the art works from the students in our gallery.

    School Adoption Program Achievements

  1. Inspired students to excel and to achieve in their classrooms.
  2. Strengthened school curriculum to increase the students' chances of moving on to higher education.
  3. Installed a school library with English and Hindi books.
  4. Held community meetings to encourage parents' involvement in education and to increase their children's, especially the girls', class attendance. 

Photos of Students at B.P.M. Middle School

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